What to Wear


Bienvenue à L'amour en Lumière! Our gala is inspired by the iconic Moulin Rouge, and we invite you to become part of the spectacle. Whether you come in full costume or elegant evening attire, your outfit will set the stage for a night of glamour and excitement.

Be Part of the Show

Dare to be bold and vibrant! Think can-can dancers, cabaret stars, and the opulent glamour of Parisian nightlife. From feathers to sequins, the spotlight is yours. Be sure to wear your favorite dancing shoes!

High Fashion Asian Model Woman wear Haute Counture Gown with make up for new trend season. SuperModel be shoot fashion photography in Red Barrel Steel Factory, copy space
Women - Finishing Touch
Full Costume
Men - Costume 2
Blooming garden. Young female dancers with huge floral hats in neon light on gradient background. Graceful models, womens dancing, posing. Concept of carnival, beauty, motion, spring fashion.

Chic & Sophisticated

Prefer to watch the show? Dress as if you're attending a night out in Paris. Think elegant, breathable evening wear that allows you to stay cool and stylish.

Young woman in elegant dress, smiling, standing outdoors, looking at camera generated by artificial intelligence
Women - Elegant Evening 3
Formal Couple
portrait of sexy handsome fashion male model man dressed in elegant suit on black studio lights background
Women - Elegant Evening
Women - Finishing Touch 1

Finishing Touches

Complete your look with accessories that add a touch of Moulin Rouge magic. Think dazzling jewelry, stylish hats, and statement pieces.

Retro Woman Portrait
sartorial suits in à luxurious appartment, 4k, photorealist, beautiful lights, , vibrant Light, highly detailed --ar 9:16 --personalize z6qfehl --stylize 250 Job ID: a6e40f3d-03dc-43c6-a79d-0018d68841ce
Sexy female legs in high heel red striptease shoes and fishnet stockings. - image
stage show host.
Shop front with dress
Couple - Accessories
Sponsorship Ticket
Registration Ticket