Who We Are

Who We Are

Every child needs a champion.

Oklahoma Lawyers for Children is a team of volunteer lawyers and citizen volunteers protecting and supporting children in the foster care system. Every child in the system needs legal representation, and we're a resource for the juvenile court system to make sure that happens. We fight for the child to protect their wishes and best interests during the duration of their custody.

Our work is funded by private grants and donors, and each donor dollar provides over $14 in legal services.

Since these kids will be the Oklahoma citizens of the future, our work has a critical impact on the community. Will you join us?

Where it all began.

In 1997, founded by Don R. Nicholson, II and D. Kent Meyers on a bus ride home from a Child Watch Tour, where the two and other attorneys visited the Oklahoma County Juvenile Justice Center and the Pauline Mayer Shelter. The two attorneys were shocked at the enormous number of abused neglected and deprived children languishing in an overburdened system that was ill equipped to handle these innocent victims, who would eventually become the future citizens of tomorrow.

That very day, Nicholson and Meyers began recruiting volunteer attorneys to help these children. The number of attorneys willing to be apart of this organization and help complete the mission grew and grew. In 1998, the Oklahoma County District Court Judges signed an Administrative Order allowing OLFC to be assigned cases directly from the Juvenile Public Defender’s office in order to begin representing the 5,000 children in the juvenile justice system at the time. In 2011, the Oklahoma County District Court Judges signed another Administrative Order authorizing OLFC volunteers to be appointed in special circumstance cases arising in the District Court of Oklahoma County.

Today, OLFC’s volunteer attorneys provide Guardian Ad Litem services, assist children in obtaining medical, dental, educational, mental health services when needed, provides children with information and assistance with special needs, trusts, DDSD trusts and assist them as they prepare for life outside of foster care. OLFC's Educational Guardian Ad Litems (Ed GALs) provide foster children with focused educational advocacy to ensure the child's educational success.  

OLFC provides basic training in juvenile law for volunteers and also provides in-depth training, trial practice techniques and training on various other matters affecting the welfare of children of all ages.  Ed GALs receive continual training on state and federal education law, school culture, trauma and the unique educational challenges faced by youth in foster care.

OLFC Testimonials

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