Big Prizes!

Let the Games Begin!

Step into the enchanting world of a Parisian night market at L'amour en Lumière! Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere filled with twinkling lights and lively sounds reminiscent of a bustling street fair in the heart of Paris. Putt around Paris with our whimsical Eiffel Tower Tee-Off — complete with an Eiffel Tower Obstacle — and test your skills with our Vino Ring-O wine toss!  Join us for an unforgettable evening of laughter, friendly competition, and the chance to win fabulous prizes, all while soaking in the charm and magic of a Parisian soirée.

Eiffel Tower Tee Off

Eiffel Tower Tee-Off

Nestled in the heart of our gala, this whimsical attraction invites you to showcase your putting prowess amid the charm and allure of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Perfect your stroke and aim for a chance to win fabulous prizes!

Vino Ring-O

A delightful twist on the classic wine pull! Contestants will have the chance to toss rings and aim for their favorite bottles of wine. Successfully ring a bottle, and it's yours to take home! ! With a selection of fine wines up for grabs, this playful challenge is sure to add a splash of excitement to your evening.

Vino Ring Master